It's about these sort of moments

Rediscover your independence today.

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It's about these sort of moments

Rediscover your independence today.

View Product Range
The Lightest Folding Scooter
Our ProfFold SuperLite is the UK's lightest 4-wheeled folding scooter.
Discover Incredible Comfort
Explore our collection of market-leading rise and recline chairs.
Engineered by Heroes
We couldn't be prouder of our skilled designers and engineers.
World Class Designs
Our furniture is designed from the ground up to meet our customers' need.
Perfect Precision
We've considered each and every component, down to the last bolt.
We're Details People
By taking care of the small things, we know our products will take care of you.
We Stand for Quality
The Muick Sandy name guarantees only the highest standard.
At Muick Sandy, we’re forward thinkers. We help people unlock better, more enjoyable ways of living.

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Life-Changing Differences

Empowering better ways of living.


Get back out there. Take the plunge. Fall in love all over again with those old hobbies you used to feel so passionate about. The modern world is packed with opportunities to persue your interests, so why wait?


There's never been a better time to go back to school. And while online courses and classes abound, you can't really beat the human interactions of good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar classroom.


Our scooters can help you get back outside and explore the world around you. For many of our customers, their scooters have been transformative, allowing them to enjoy days out with friends and family once again.

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