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Weighs only 14.7kg*

Introducing the ProFold SuperLite Mark II, the new and improved version of the UK's lightest 4-wheeled folding scooter. Weighing in at an astonishing 14.7kg*, this manual folding scooter offers unparalleled convenience and portability. Engineered with simplicity in mind, it is the ideal companion for individuals seeking the ultimate lightweight scooter.

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Our scooters have been engineered and built from the ground up to provide a simple solution to modern mobility needs.
Where will the next adventure unfold
A world of adventure is about to unfold. With a clever, compact design and unique folding capabilities, our ProFold SuperLite Mark II scooter is the perfect travel companion for those who love to explore. Easy to lift and transport, the ProFold SuperLite Mark II opens up plenty of new opportunities...the world really is your oyster.

The Lightest One

Discover the true meaning of lightweight mobility with the ProFold SuperLite, the epitome of portability weighing in at an astonishing 14.7kg*. As the lightest 4-wheeled folding scooter available, it sets a new standard for effortless travel making it the ultimate choice for individuals seeking a truly lightweight solution.

Travel Approved

Designed with travel in mind, the ProFold SuperLite meets airline regulations, allowing you to bring it on board as a carry-on item. And thanks to it's compact design, it's perfectly suited to bus and train travel, too.

Fits in a Car Boot

The ProFold SuperLite's ingenious folding mechanism allows it to transform into a remarkably compact size, perfectly suited for easy storage in your car boot. Whether you have a small hatchback or a spacious SUV, this scooter seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, adapting to your transportation needs with ease.

Super Simple Fold

With the ProFold SuperLite's simple manual fold, you can easily collapse the scooter into a compact size with just a few straightforward steps. No complex mechanisms or intricate procedures—just a hassle-free folding process that saves you time and effort. This intuitive design empowers you to take control of your mobility, putting you in charge of your journeys.

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Get the facts

Total Length:
1020 mm
Total Width:
430 mm
Total Height:
870 mm
Seat Width:
400 mm
Seat Depth:
460 mm
Backrest Height:
260 mm
Handlebar Width:
390 mm
Ground Clearance:
40 mm
F. Wheel Diameter:
200 mm
R. Wheel Diameter:
200 mm
While our scooters are designed to fit a wide variety of people, we strongly suggest you try one for yourself before making any decisions. A scooter is a personal product, and the difference between the right one and the wrong one is significant.
If you have any questions or would like to try one of our products in your own home, please contact us.


The finer points of ProFold SuperLite Mark II

Maximum Speed
4 mph
Maximum Range
7.5 miles
Maximum User Weight
19 st 6lb
Scooter Weight
14.7 kg*
Heaviest Part
14.7 kg
10 ah
Off-Board Charging
Fixed Lights
Turning Radius
1230 mm
Maximum Slope
Tyre Type


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* Excluding removable battery and seat cushion.